Mobile View Setup

1) Download Ngrok from HERE

You may also watch this INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO on how to setup Ngrok


2) Register into Ngrok site to obtain an AUTH key


3) Open cmd.exe and navigate to the ngrok.exe folder


4) Authenticate Ngrok with your auth key with the following command :

ngrok.exe authtoken YOURAUTHKEY


Use 5a (password protect) OR 5b (no password)


5a) Create user/password and authenticated Ngrok tunnel with :

ngrok.exe -auth USER:PASSWORD http -host-header localhost THEBOTPORT


5b) Create a Ngrok tunnel with :

ngrok.exe http -host-header localhost THEBOTPORT


6) Copy the https (forwarding) link in the Ngrok command window and use it to watch/control your Goose from any mobile device