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[ LIVE ] 24/7 Bitcoin & ALTS margin trading with Goose-X bot

  • Trading Bitcoin
  • Trading Alts
BTC trading bot balance: 0.01 BTC
Strategy: AsgridT
Coins traded: BTC

USD/ALTs trading bot balance: 1.000$
Strategy: AsgridT
Coins traded: ETH - COMP - LINK - DOT - XTZ
Leverage: 5x



Strategies hard coded into the Goose-X bot, no need for external services!.


The Goose automatically opens Long or Short positions accordingly with the strategy algo!.

Easy to Use

Be ready to goose in just a few minutes. Following the Wizard Setup you don’t need to be a trading scientist to start goosing!.


Let the Goose run and forget about it, or tweak every comma and  maniacally follow every trade with the possibility of live editing of every pair’s settings.


The Goose runs on your PC or VPS. Your sensitive info will never leave your home and will always be encrypted.

Real Profit

The Goose will show you real profits, pre-calculating commissions and funding fees, will trade for you 24/7.


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About Us

Goose-X Dashboard will allow you to have control of everything: monitor current positions and interact with them. Thanks to the "Edit" button you will be able to adjust specific settings for the specific trade if necessary. You will also be able to change general settings on the fly and open manual positions directly from the bot.

Goose-X bot will report and save in its database all the trades done and will also report and consider funding fees for a maniacal precision. Remember trading fees and funding fees are perfectly calculated from the bot so everything you see is NET profit.

Join us on discord, meet new crypto friends and enthusiast, ask for any questions or doubt, and keep learning always more with our educational classrooms!