Frequently asked questions


Goose X - Currently supported exchanges: Bitmex, Bybit and Binance

Goose AX - Currently supported exchanges: Phemex

For security and many other reasons the GXbot will run on your local PC or VPS, all your sensitive info like Username/Password and APIs will be also automatically encrypted by the Gxbot.

There is no minimum suggested balance.

Currently Windows is supported,and no particular requirements are needed, the GXbot only needs just 20MB of RAM.

Absolutely not. Your balance and future profits ( made in BTC ) will only be present always on your exchange, the GXbot connects to it by API.

Supported exchanges

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Strategies hard coded into the Goose-X bot, no need for external services!.


The Goose automatically opens Long or Short positions accordingly with the strategy algo!.

Easy to Use

Be ready to goose in just a few minutes. Following the Wizard Setup you don’t need to be a trading scientist to start goosing!.


Let the Goose run and forget about it, or tweak every comma and  maniacally follow every trade with the possibility of live editing of every pair’s settings.


The Goose runs on your PC or VPS. Your sensitive info will never leave your home and will always be encrypted.

Real Profit

The Goose will show you real profits, pre-calculating commissions and funding fees, will trade for you 24/7.