Goose-x Margin Trading

Take your automatic trading to the next level!

Powerful and clean dashboard!

Always be in total control of your bot!

Goose-X Dashboard will allow you to have control of everything: monitor current positions and interact with them. Thanks to the "Edit" button you will be able to adjust specific settings for the specific trade if necessary. You will also be able to change general settings on the fly and open manual positions directly from the bot.

Sales Log tracking page!

Check, export and keep track of all your progress

Goose-X bot will report and save in its database all the trades done and will also report and consider funding fees for a maniacal precision. Remember trading fees and funding fees are perfectly calculated from the bot so everything you see is NET profit.

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Our community loves us! Read what they have to say below.

Hi everyone!! Ive been here in this goose comunity for one month, and i can sat this tool is AMAZING!! GooseX indicator is easy to undestand and operare with !! Signal by signal, with patience I win some money and i am able to increase my account. I recommend to all of you to use it!!


Discord member.

Finally caught the latest 15m buy signal and bought it shortly after. Sold at the monthly lev for an ROE of 8.9% (5x leverage).Been pretty crazy busy lately, so glad I could finally take it for a spin. Goose-X is pretty awesome!


Discord member.

All the trades I did manage to take, were closed in mediocre to decent profit. 100% win rate at the moment. So to be honest, I’m really fond of the Goose-X. Keep it up!


Discord member.

Supported exchanges

Bybit Trading Bot
Bitmex Trading Bot
Binance Trading Bot